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As a child born in East Germany, Corinna Montgomery lived in fear of the repressive government. She had a fervent curiosity to discover the world beyond the Berlin Wall. Her inquisitiveness was not properly exhibited as her parents were scared to discuss what might bring danger into their family. But this did not stop her from asking and questioning and discovering an awareness so rare for a child her age.

Skeptical of communism, Montgomery formed the formative ideas of her youth through the help of her stepfather who willingly discussed and answered her myriad of questions. He was not afraid of the outside world, and his wisdom and guidance were great help for her to make sense of the country they live in. Her past was an important part of her life.

In Clipped Wings, Montgomery lets readers get a glimpse of what life was like during the Cold War when Germany was divided into East and West. She also takes them to an adventure when their daring escape to West Germany came through, and from there, she moved to the USA where she built a new life and home.

This is her story. Delve into its pages and be inspired.

Corinna Montgomery

About the Author

Corinna Montgomery was born in East Germany in 1962. In 1981, they escaped to West Germany and eventually came to the USA in 1999.


Plenty of people are unhappy with their lives, and it’s easy to blame someone else for such misery. What’s even worse is, when people try to pull others down with them or convince them how to live their lives.

To stay safe, people learned to keep everything to themselves. The only chance at any sort of “freedom” was to join the Communist Party. I’d heard people joining and receiving lots of things for free, but the whole thing seemed backward to me. I had a different idea of what it meant to be liberated.

Strange as it may seem, many people liked being told what to do. They didn’t mind giving up their choices because they believed it was easier that way. Many felt safe and secure when taken by the hand and told what to do, even if it was wrong. I was young, but I was smart enough to know there was no freedom in East Germany.


“Corinna writes a riveting story about her life in communist-held East Berlin and the atrocities she and her family endured. I could not put the book down. Her descriptions of her feelings and her surroundings put you right there in the story. I highly recommend this book and her admonishment to be careful to protect our own freedoms in our country. How quickly we can lose our freedoms. I had the pleasure of meeting Corinna at a book signing event and was impressed with her poise.”

—Michelle McDaniel, Amazon customer

“I had the pleasure to meet the author of this wonderful book, and I must say that it was the most stunning story I’ve read in quite some time. I felt everything that she must have. I cried, I felt joy, I felt absolute fear. So courageous. I have no words for such an incredibly raw story. This should be a film. I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it.”

—Daphne Morton, Amazon customer

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